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Why get screened:

More than 30 million people are affected by varicose veins or CVI (Chronic Venous Insufficiency) in the U.S., with only 1.9 million seeking treatment annually, leaving the vast majority undiagnosed and untreated. Without treatment, those with the disease develop progressive symptoms, such as swollen legs, skin damage, and/or ulcers which can be debilitating.  Screening and treatment are covered by most insurance.

Factors that contribute:

  1. Age, Gender (Female more prominent)
  2. Family History
  3. Heavy lifting
  4. Prolonged standing and/or sitting
  5. Multiple pregnancies
  6. Obesity
  7. Diabetes


Venous insufficiency can be present even if the below symptoms are not exhibited, especially if the patient has one or more contributing factors.

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